I initially planned to watch the new show AP Bio because it stars Glenn Howerton of It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia, but was very pleasantly surprised to find a character in the show who absolutely amazed and delighted! The character is named Heather and she is played by Allisyn Ashley Arm. The above scene is how we first get to know her, and it made me laugh out loud.

Heather is not a main character in any of the first three episodes so far, not even among the students, but somehow she has had ALL the best lines in the show! It’s probably because her character is so quirky in her shy geekiness – which is also probably why she should be best left as a minor character and not take the spotlight very often. Still, I now worship at the Cult of Heather and consider her an all-time favorite character along with The Good Place’s Jason and Chidi, Community’s Abed, Always Sunny’s Cricket… I’m beginning to sense a pattern here. So consider this AP Bio Heather Week, with everything great she’s done so far!

Longer version of GIF found here.

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