It’s Alien Week for the GIFs! I’ll be sharing GIFs from my two favorite Alien films, starting with the original. Here’s our introduction to the Xenomporh as it bursts out of John Hurt’s chest! And because this is such a great scene, I broke it down to shorter GIFs for the highlights:

Here’s Veronica Cartwright’s unscripted reaction to being splattered with blood.

Here’s the baby Xenomorph taking a look at its new family.

Here is the actual chest-bursting.

And finally, here’s the Xenomorph making a run for it. Stay tuned for more Alien goodness for the next six days!

Longer version of the GIF found here.

Right-click to save the GIF. I most certainly do not claim copyright to the material being GIF’d, I’m just doing this as a fan.