Just read and enjoyed the second installment of TOZ’s series Wu-Tang 25, which is looking back on Wu-Tang Clan’s career on the 25th anniversary of Enter The Wu-Tang (36 Chambers). The latest entry is about the through-line from Prince Rakeem to Bobby Digital and the quote TOZ uses about RZA seeing his Bobby alter-ego as a superhero reminded me of how Bill Sienkiewicz painted the Bobby Digital album cover to resemble his own comic cover for the classic Elektra: Assassin #1. Just look at the two next to each other! The effortless carrying of the ridiculously humongous weapon is the dead giveaway, then Sienkiewcz ups the ante for Bobby Digital by adding all that great blaxploitation imagery around the Wu symbol in the background.

Anyway, read TOZ’s series – Wu fans won’t be disappointed. And read Elektra: Assassin, it still holds up to this day. And listen to Wu-Tang Clan, it’s food for the ears and the soul.