We’re breaking in with a new post because this week’s episode of AP Bio was so freakin’ great! There’s a lot to love about “Eight Pigs And A Rat”, and we’ll be covering the GIFs in detail next week, but for now here is the moment all Heather fans have been waiting for: quality time with Dan Decker! Look at how happy they are, mopping up after pig guts and fluids, almost slipping, having a great time! While I’m sure there are disappointed Devin and Dan shippers, my favorite remains Heather and I’m glad to see her get the spotlight this episode AND get the boy!

Really, this is what being a fan is all about: becoming emotionally invested in a character with whom you can identify and root for, appreciating all the rising complexities and quirks of this character, and finally cheering her on when something great happens to her! Fandoms are built on such things, and Heather is truly a one-of-a-kind character. So celebrate! Enjoy these GIFs!

Longer vesions of the GIFs found here and here.

Right-click to save the GIF. I most certainly do not claim copyright to the material being GIF’d, I’m just doing this as a fan.