And here things get even more wonderfully troublesome as AP Bio Framing Miles week picks up. The class delivers to Jack exactly what they want – a source of DNA that can be used to frame Miles. Saruman and Colin look self-assured and triumphant, and Hesther is – as always – giddy about pleasing her boss. Jack is impressed by this achievement and so he…. quotes the Bible? It’s from the Book of Isaiah, I found out, and ironically it is often misused, as Jack seems to do so in complimenting his most gifted student. It gets even better: that line from the Old Testament is about a time when God brings peace to the world. Or, if you’re of a more cynical bent, a reference to the end times – to apocalypse. Which makes sense, because Jack is leading his charges astray and that is a true sign that the end of the world is imminent. So again, loads of fun here.

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