We conclude AP Bio We Don’t Party Week with the best moments featuring our favorite shoplifting, big book-loving student! I love the drunken swagger of Heather as she gives Victor his first shot and tries to get into a rumble with Jack’s ex and her boyfriend. Again, all praise to Allisyn Ashley Arm for such great acting for a memorable character. I don’t know why, but Heather moves like a cross between the rubber limbed Olive Oyl and the scrappiness of Popeye himself – she can be her own EC Segar creation. Further, I love how much Jack delights in Heather’s behavior and calls it “gravy” – he knows just how cool she is and how willing she is to grab life on her own terms. That pride – and Heather’s loyalty to Jack – makes for one of the more intriguing aspects of the series. In my wildest fanfic dreams, Jack sends Heather out to assassinate Miles… and she delivers in spades.

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