For the next two weeks, we will be devoted to some of the finest moments by that lovable, cross-dressing, highly political, Winger-infatuated dean of Greendale Community College, Craig Pelton! Portrayed by actor Jim Rash, Dean Pelton started out as a minor secondary character but quickly blossomed into a unique figure with incredible comedic abilities and some ridiculously memorable moments. We were originally going to stick to just one week but there were so many great scenes from so many episodes, we just decided to go fat dog and bear down on as many GIFs possible. To start things just right, here are three of the dean’s most distinctive costume choices, culled from the episode “Paradigms of Human Memory”. There will be much more to follow! Mee-yow!

Right-click to save the GIF. I most certainly do not claim copyright to the material being GIF’d, I’m just doing this as a fan.