We’re jumping deep into the last episodes of AP Bio this month, starting with “Eight Pigs And A Rat” – whose closing scene I havr already GIF’d gleefully when the episode first aired. I wrote once that I would not want to see the Heather character as a main character in the series, preferring her quirkiness in the background, but it actually works wonderfully here – and not just Heather, the other students really shine in various character moments throughout this episode and the ones that follow!

There’s Colin’s willingness to find out what’s in the box – with just a hint of Se7en as a result – and the Lion King-esque way he holds up the pig. I love Victor’s comment about being rewarded for being “good little angels”, Devin being Devin with his weird question, as well as Sarika’s rather hyperbolic statement about the pigs – and Anthony’s side-eyed reaction to Sarika. Of course, the way Heather grabs the opportunity to pair up with Dan Decker is just so wonderful and you really root for her – but we also find out her Dad is a butcher? Her Dad with the rich whore? Who asked about zero bangs? I don’t know if this all explains or just further raises questions about Heather’s home – and inner – life. Whatever the case, several of these threads follow through as the episode continues.

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