After the confrontation between Heather and Jack, Jack is resigned to making a poor showing to the school board and embarrassing himself. However, he arrives to class only to find a large pig waiting on his desk. Heather had stolen the pig from her father’s butcher shop for Jack to dissect – and in doing so, not only showed her renewed fealty to Jack, but also symbolically replaced Jack as her father figure and guiding light.

And maybe this is me, but that is a mighty lengthy pig which Jack admires and “long pig” is an old term used to describe humans by Pacific Island cannibals. So could this also be a symbolic human sacrifice for the sake of Jack and his agenda? An affirmation in porcine form of the mission to get a certain human, namely Miles? Or in a different sense, was the symbolic fetal pig of Heather now a full-grown mature long pig delivered for the use of Jack and his revenge-seeking agenda? Was she making herself plainly at his disposal in an almost ritualistic fashion? I may be reading too much into this again – okay, I’m pretty positive I am – but I’m glad this show allows such possibilities for fertile imaginations.

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