Oh yeah, there are other teachers and staff in AP Bio, right? I know I’m guilty of neglecting that part of the show in these GIFs, but I will maintain the stories with the students are more interesting and surprising. That said, there was a funny subplot in “Eight Pigs And A Rat” about teachers promising to show how innovative they are for the school board but all of them resorting to volcanos. Finally, Principal Durbin had enough of the volcanos, resulting in this contretemps with Dave the Geology Teacher, then a later exchange with Jack and his long pig.

What I especially love – besides the thought image of a pig volcano – is that Dave is played by none other than Dave Neher, who Community fans will recognize as Todd! I also thought I once saw him on an episode of Top Chef – Dave is a very distinct, handsome guy – but I don’t think IMDB ever confirmed that. Maybe he had pork then? Maybe it’s all connected?

Longer versions of the GIFs are here and here.

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