Jack goes to Miles and confesses to his current situation, as well as that Devin did not want to hurt Miles when making that false paternity claim. Miles misunderstands the situation but nevertheless reaches an epiphany: wanting to go out into the real world, he later offers Jack his position as chairman of the Philosophy department at Stanford.

The intriguing thing to me was that I thought this would have made a great season cliffhanger, that we could sweat it out until the start of Season Two to see how this plays. Would Jack somehow reject the offer, improbable as that may seem? Would Miles, in an attempt to get back to the real world, take over the AP Bio class for Jack? Can you even imagine what that would be like, a Miles-run class? Would the class be happy with such an upbeat and helpful teacher? Would Heather deal with a new boss? Would achieving his dream only make Jack more miserable?

Ahh, but we find out what happens in the next episode, the finale for this first season. Stay tuned!

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