We now reach the season finale of AP Bio’s first season, “Drenching Dallas”, which begins with Jack still not-teaching but breaking the news of his imminent departure from Whitlock High School. He gives them back their textbooks – I love the reactions of Sarika, Marcus, and Grace – then reminisces about Miles Missions from the past, which makes Victor and Heather wistful as well…

Keep in mind, they just met Miles in person a few days ago but they still think fondly about horrible things they’ve wished upon him. I guess it’s all behind them now, right? To me, it feels less like short-term sitcom memory than a statement about what priorities this group has: getting back their precious textbooks, having fun doing strange things under the aegis of a vindictive authority figure. In some ways, it’s like Jack has normalized what the class thinks is acceptable or desirable, kind of like how contestants on Survivor drool over a slice of pizza or a cold shower because they’ve been deprived for so long.

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