Next we meet Dallas, who asks Colin to the Sadie Hawkins Dance – a.k.a. The Congo Dance – only to humiliate him. I love the notion that percussion looks down on woodwind, it’s a band kind of caste system that rings hilariously true somehow. What I love even further is how Jack asks about the important lesson he’s taught the class that they need to apply here: get revenge. I don’t know if this reinforces what I’ve written earlier about how Jack as teacher has remolded the group’s idea of right and wrong – after all, everybody wants a little justice for perceived slights. However, the degree of revenge here takes on a whole new dimension, I think… And we know who to blame for it.

On a side note, a quick IMDB check showed that the actress who played Dallas, Brianne Tju, was also on another show I enjoyed, the Scream TV show. Given what happens here, is she a scream queen in the making?

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