An amusing scene where part of the class works to figure out the best way to get Dallas drenched in pig’s blood. For all of Colin’s yammering, all you really need is a bucket and some rope tied to it. That said, this scene is great for the characterization and humor.

In a weird way, we can break down who plays what roles in the class. The moral leaders are Sarika, Marcus, Anthony, and Victor. The four at the board are the less concerned about maintaining a clear moral stance and are even willing to do some pretty immoral things for personal advantage or just plain satisfaction. Dan started out as a bully, Grace was bribed to rig the class presidential election, Colin played dirty against Jack in the battle for his mom, and Devin was nicknamed The Prince Of Darkness for his intensely antisocial statements. Which does not mean they are bad kids, just that they have their foibles and lapses and may be willing to walk a finer line than some others.

Which leaves me asking, Where does Heather fit in all this?

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