The catfish comes home to roost, so to speak. It’s amazing to me that Jack still delights in the misfortunes of Miles, even after Miles helps him get the Stanford position. And of course the line about paying for bad decisions is thick with irony, given how it applies to Jack. Most telling of all, though, is Miles’ own statement about how the two of them are bound together now in their fortunes: as it later turns out, that really isn’t the case. Miles was on his way out – and of course, as we later find out, lands in an even better position. As for Jack, well..

And then I have to ask this, just to set up the discussion later: is there a chance that SOMEBODY ratted out Miles and his liaison with an online sixteen-year-old? Is there anyone edgy and dangerous enough to perhaps give that final kick in the crotch to Miles, only to have it backfire on her boss? Or was the intent all along to keep Jack there and that Miles was just collateral damage? I’m getting there, just give me a little more time.

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