The month of June will be devoted to everyone’s favorite defrocked, parkour jumping, narcotics abusing, horribly scarred and facially deformed male prostitute slash street rat, Matthew “Rickety Cricket” Mara! Fans of It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia are very familiar with the lovable character played by Nick Hornsby, who has made memorable appearances at least once a season since his debut in the Season Two episode, “The Gang Exploits A Miracle”.

Of course, back then he was still a priest in good standing, though the gang remembered him from their high school days as a cripple wearing leg braces who had a crush on The Aluminum Monster herself, Sweet Dee Reynolds.

And by encountering the gang at Paddy’s in his mature, adult life, poor Father Mara would undergo a slow, painful transformation into a morally desolate, hilariously corrupted individual. But these things take time! So stay tuned as we go over highlights from this remarkable character arc which is probably quite unique in the history of television. Lord knows, we wouldn’t wish such a fate on anyone else.

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