And here we find the concluding initial steps from Father Matthew’s devolution into street rat Rickety Cricket. First, he gives up the priesthood to be with Sweet Dee, who told him she loves him and wants to be with him… but like the horse turd challenge from high school, she simply changes her mind.

Matty’s life is ruined, he can’t go back to being a priest… but when Dennis passes out from starving himself to look thinner, Charlie and Mac offer the defrocked priest a chance to get some revenge and teabag Dennis. And how does Matthew respond? With an elegantly simple nod of agreement.

And there, in that nod, is the first real step to Cricket. Yes, giving up being a priest is crucial – but he did so out of love, albeit love for a bad woman. But in agreeing to do something loathsome that had been done to him in the past, his moral compass is already beginning to swing wildly out of sync.

And the fun is just beginning!

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