– Bookworm, Christopher Nuttall (Kindle)

– Instagram – @swflgeek follows, likes, DND story, DND post, Heather Punk post
– YouTube – @swflgeek, Heather Punk post, blog link
– Twitter – @roymiskatonic, Heather Punk post
– Tried out free Visual Novel Maker
– Scanned: Rogers Mister Miracle, Simonson Metal Men
– Figured out vertical 1×3 IG grids, made Early Runs and Junji Ito grids for comic reviews
– Decided on comic review trios: Early Runs, Junji Ito, alt Kirby, Pleece, obscure Moore, Max Friedman, non-noir Tardi, literature adaptations
– Scanned for Ito, Kirby, Pleece, most of Moore

– AAA commented!!!
– Haylie slept over, start of Spring Break