On the morning of August 9, 2018, I had a stroke. My left side was paralyzed and I spent a month in rehab.

Today is a quiet day like any other. Life isn’t the same and will never be, but I’m thankful for everything I’ve managed to get back and can do again.

On the day of my stroke, before I was taken to the hospital in an ambulance, I made sure my daughter knew where The List was kept. The List was a paper with all the memories I wanted her to have if anything should happen to me, and over the years it became a fun way for us to reminisce despite its rather morbid reason for keeping. The fact that I had such a list actually gave me some peace of mind.

I always wanted to reach 100 memories on that list but when I had my stroke, it was only in the 80s. While I was in rehab, Haruna and I reached 104 – she wrote the remainder of our list out as we laughed in the hospital dining room. And I’m proud to say that there are several items on the list that include my time recovering.

Yesterday I went to my daughter’s school to do maintenance on their 3D printers, something I used to do but had not since the stroke. It was fun to be playing around with the machines again and I even printed for myself a transparent Cthulhu statue!

The d20 dice was something my therapist in rehab had me roll to help with my left hand. He knew I loved Dungeons and Dragons, so it was a fun way to keep me motivated. I’ve always rolled with my right hand but now sometimes use my left, just because.